PUSTEFIX soap bubbles - Emotional advertising for all ages!

While experimenting with detergent formulas, Dr. Rolf Hein came across a very special mixture in 1948. This should be perfectly suitable to let soap bubbles fly. Packed in an aluminum tube to blow quickly, he invented the soap bubble game PUSTEFIX.

Nobody – at first probably not even he himself – could have guessed at that time what a success story PUSTEFIX would become. Today, soap bubbles from PUSTEFIX can be admired all over the world – and the fragile bubbles always delight people and raise a smile.

Since 1993, the PUSTEFIX classic has also been offered for promotional printing. First under the own division SUCCESS – promotion, today under the name PUSTEFIX Promotion Products, but always under the management of the soap bubble specialists of PUSTEFIX.

The fantastic soap bubbles of PUSTEFIX are today so much more than pure amusement. They stand for educational play, entertainment for young and old, scientific research with surface tensions, comforting companions in children’s clinics, supporting assistants in speech therapy, fascinating eye-catchers to watch, fun factor at any event, pure joy at home, on the road, on vacation, a haven of peace in the hectic world and finally also as a magical reminder of carefree childhood days for every adult.

Soap bubbles – the messengers of lightness
Bring a smile to your customers’ faces with PUSTEFIX, because nothing remains more memorable than an emotional advertising medium that gives a moment of joy!

Use this enthusiasm also for your advertising, because soap bubbles always fit!

The list of our reference customers exceeds every frame and therefore we don’t know of any industry in which the “messengers of lightness” have not already been successfully used for advertising

Due to our flexible production “Made in Germany” we are able to handle large orders with several 100.000 pieces as well as infinitely many welcome orders for small businesses and craftsmen already from 50 pieces.

Challenge us! We give 100% for your advertising success!


PUSTEFIX GmbH has been producing at its site in Tübingen/Baden-Württemberg for over 75 years. All products are regularly tested by independent laboratories for the relevant legal regulations and standards. PUSTEFIX guarantees compliance with all legal requirements by the CE mark. The PUSTEFIX bubble liquid is subject to permanent quality monitoring and is also regularly tested by accredited testing laboratories. The company has maintained a quality management system for many years and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Environmental protection and social responsibility

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Especially as a manufacturer of toys for children, we see ourselves committed to future generations and want to take responsibility. This includes the responsibility towards our employees and their families, as a reliable partner with open communication in the team.


PUSTEFIX has maintained an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for many years, and this is not the only reason why we strive to improve in this area every day.


We have been producing with 100% green electricity at our company headquarters in Tübingen for several years. You can find the current certificate for the annual saving of CO2, through the purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources, in the section Downloads.

Biodegradability is determined according to standardized and prescribed measurement methods of the OECD and is limited in substance to organic substances. The bubble liquids produced by PUSTEFIX contain only organic substances that are readily biodegradable according to OECD criteria.


In cooperation with ClimatePartners, we have made a product-related calculation of CO2 emissions for our PUSTEFIX Klassik 42 ml models in 2022 with the aim of reducing these emissions through effective measures. Thus, already during the product development of our games, we pay special attention to the materials used for special durability and recyclability. Since 2021, the Klassik 42 ml has also been available for the promotional products market in bio-plastics based on renewable raw materials.


The remaining CO2 emissions of all PUSTEFIX Klassik 42 ml promotional items are offset by verified climate protection projects. You can find the corresponding certificate at the Downloads


In doing so, we are supporting a project to promote wind energy in Brazil. The new wind farms bring numerous benefits to Brazilian communities and thus contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


No poverty • High quality education • Clean water and sanitation • Fewer inequalities • Sustainable cities and communities 

• Climate protection measures



This climate protection project involves the construction and operation of 14 wind farms in the states of Piauí and Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil. The renewable electricity supplied by the project to the Brazilian power grid makes an important contribution to environmental sustainability by reducing the CO2 emissions that would have resulted from fossil fuel-based power generation in the absence of the project.


The project thus saves a total of 650,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Further information on the supported project can be found via our ID number 18377-2203-1001 on the ClimatePartner pages or via the QR code shown above.